Caelynn Siannodel

Elf Bard


bard-elf-740x360_-_Caelyyn.jpgCaelynn Siannodel

Caelynn is a small, slender high elf with an aptitude for Swords, bows and simple weapons as well as a variety of instruments including the pan flute, the lute and the dulcimer. While not strong, Caelynn is intelligent, charismatic and dexterous. True to those of her race, she is perceptive and has excellent dark vision. She is fair of skin and her cobalt blue hair she keeps short as it is nearly impossible to disguise, so she struggles to go unnoticed if required.
While only a second level bard, Caelynn uses her spells and cantrips to effectively coerce those around her into doing as she wishes, whether that means becoming encouraged, healed or damaged. Caelynn has a wry sense of humor and a romantic soul. she believes in truth and honesty above all else. She will ally herself to those she believes to be trustworthy and pit herself against those who lie, cheat or are dishonest in their core.


Caelynn is out gathering tales, songs and inspiration in the world. She honors truth above all and believes that honesty is the beauty in the world. She hope that her beloved will someday return to her, but knows that the even t that drove them apart is likely to be a reoccurring theme in her life as she doesn’t suffer liars gladly. She is quick to laugh and uses her voice as both a weapon and a tool. For her, violence is a last resort, but she is unafraid to use it if she must.
Her voyage from her village, Coille in Kayala, hasn’t been easy. She created an enemy of a dishonorable noble who used his position as head of Coille’s defenses to bring war and blood to the village doorstep and coin to his pocket. He hunts Caelyyn, ready to exact revenge for her part in ostracizing him from Coille and his loss of position and power. Hence, Caelyyn looks into every face with suspicion and caution, though it is not outwardly obvious that she does so.

Caelynn Siannodel

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