Dragonkin Sorcerer


A good looking copper skinned/scaled man with draconian features, a charismatic tone and a hint of mischief in his smile. But to look into his eyes you see he is haunted by some unknown thing.


Born in the village of Marr. He lived with his people until one day, at the age of 14, when out exploring he encountered the Dread Pirate Harty Davos. Dracor was shanghaied by the Dread Pirate and forced to work for him through his youth (4-5 years ish). Then Dracor and the crew not loyal to Davos mutinied and Killed the Dread Pirate and his loyal crew to gain their freedom from bondage. Some of the crew return to the sea on other ships others returned home and yet others converted the ship to haul cargo. But the bond of our shared misery remains strong to this day. Dracor has held on to the hat of the former Dread Pirate as a lucky charm ever sense.


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