Alastair Rogziel

Southerner searching for his missing family


Alastair grew up in the small border town of Tregaron south of Argost in the country of Briesia. His family was killed in a raid so Alastair’s early life was focus on training to defend the town from incursions of wildlife and monster invasions. Life tended to focus on survival as the first priority and enjoyment of life as a not so distant second. The people of Tregaron work hard despite hardship. There was limited numbers of caravans that would travel from other parts of Briesia so meeting foreigners was uncommon. It was during one of those brief encounters that he met a woman named Devin Engell. Devin was a travelling minstrel and her flute would draw everyone to the town square. It was during the time that Devin was in Tregaron that Alastair convinced her to stay and teach him how to play the flute. Alastair did not have a lot of experience with music though was fascinated by her songs. Devin spent several months longer in Tregaron than expected in order to teach Alastair how to play and during that time the two became close.

Alastair and Devin were married later that year. It was a splendid wedding with much music and festivities. Everyone believed that the two would live out their days with much happiness. Alas, as some tales go, this was not meant to be. About a year into their marriage Tregaron had become a target of a one of the denizens of the lower planes. The demon Azazel sent his minions to capture or kill everyone in Tregaron for Azazel was privy to prophetic sayings that suggested that someone in Tregaron would interfere with his demonic plans. The horde that appeared was unlike anything Alastair had seen. Alastair watched as homes burned and the demons slaughtered and pillaged. Alastair fought against the hezrou that attacked his home though was batted aside with ease. Before collapsing in unconsciousness he was able to see the demon grab Devin and open a portal to somewhere in the hells.

Several days later, Alastair was brought before what was left of the council of the town. They told him while he was unconscious that they found symbols of demonic behavior in his home and they claimed that Devin was worshiping demons and caused them to come to Tregaron. Giving into his rage and grief Alastair tried to lash out at those around him and they cast Alastair out for hiding the devil amongst them.

Since then, Alastair continues to hunt for Devin and his missing daughter Serena. His most prized items include a piece of the nail of the hezrou from the assault on Tregaron, a small symbol of Adrasteia “to give what is due” and most importantly, Devin’s flute. Alastair never plays it and looks forward to the day when he can return it to his wife. Alastair is aware that Devin is alive, as he routinely is tormented in his dreams by Azazel’s minions. Alastair is currently looking for anything that will help him enter into the demons world to face and destroy Azazel. He has reason to believe that the Lady Augustina has information about the process of either connecting with the demonic realm or on how to permanently destroy the demon. For this reason he has spent the past several years getting into her graces.

It was during that time that he met his current companions, Caelynn Siannodel Dracor and Ana.

Alastair Rogziel

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