Foxmaster - Adventures in Argost

First Session

The Adventure Begins

The adventure starts with our band of misfits receiving a summons from Lady Augustina and a carriage waiting for them. As they board the carriage there is a man in the carriage already, his name discovered later is Tristan Brownhouse. When crossing the High Bosh River between the towns of Hothorn and the city of Fellspoint the carriage is ambushed. In the ensuing chaos the carriage ends up precariously perched over the side of the bridge. That is when, seeing no other good option, Dracor decided to take action and tips the carriage the rest of the way off the bridge and into the river below.

Once they manage to get all persons out of the carriage, while under fire, they cast a line up to the crew of the ship called The Longbranch and are pulled aboard. At this point the captain of The Longbranch, Sadie Scalecowl, emerges from her cabin to ask what is all the commotion about to find these 5 souls on her ship. After a talk in her cabin, it is discovered the Tristan has become part of some very dangerous game that may cost him his life. The whole group is dropped of and heads towards the city of Fellspoint.

 It is decided, the next morning,  that Tristan should go his own way, despite Tristan's frequent offers of pay for their protection. Upon separating, our misfits head for Fellspoint.

They are arrested at the gate and are ushered into the barracks house where they meet  Lord Undine, also known as Whiteboot. Whiteboot asks the party to help him find Tristan, as he is also part of the game. The party, not knowing where Tristan was and believing it to be wrong to participate in the game any further, refused to help him. Vowing retribution for their lack of assistance, Whiteboot releases the adventurers to continue their trek to the home of their lady Patron, Augustina.

The job that Lady Augustina charges them with is the care and conveyance of a large, hefty Ironwood box to her cousin in the Bosh Mountains.  The Key to which was entrusted to Alastair Rogziel.  Lady Augustina is unsure of the health of her cousin and it is possible that the adventurers will be making the return trip with the box still in tow. 

She allots them a stipend, and, the next morning, the group goes shopping for supplies and modes of transportation, as the current trip is expected to take several months with winter coming upon them before their return to Fellspoint.

Dracor contacts a swashbuckling buddy of his, Jacoby Seigeknee, Captain of the trading vessel, The Inquisitor.  Jacoby is willing to take the travelers and the chest as far as Bosh Ridge Lake, about half of the distance of their journey.  Jacoby has made the trip in the past and will return for the group in the Spring when the river is again passable.  In return, Jacoby requests that Caelynn help him to get to Solaria, a village in Kayala so that he may attempt to retrieve his Orc bride, Shat, who has become a slave to an elf family in Solaria.  Unable to promise success on his mission, but willing to try, Caelynn sends a request for travel papers for the group into Kayala for the following Spring and the group loads their supplies and the box onto Jacoby's ship.

Several nights into their slow, paddling trip up river, the ship comes under attack by a troupe of 8 goblins.  Caelynn's dark vision alerts her to the arrival of the goblins much sooner than the creatures expect.  She casts Faerie fire, surrounding 6 of the eight goblins and half the deck and sailors in violet fire, thereby allowing the sailors and adventurers to dispatch them posthaste.  The final 2, cloaked in the darkness of the night, find their way into the hold of the ship and attempt to blow a hole in the hull, dropping the Ironwood box to the bottom of the river.  They are thwarted in their efforts by Anna, Jacoby and Dracor. 


Marquisstarr Touraant

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